LaToya Jones


Hair Care Specialist 

Vip cards are recommended for frequent clients.  Once the card is purchased you will receive the following benefits for a full year:

  • 25% off any service
  • 25% off any retail products
  • Free birthday appt. (exclusions apply)
  • First priority appointments- If you and a non-VIP cardholder are requesting the same appointment, the VIP cardholder will get the appointment first.
  • Free snack and beverage of your choice at each appointment.

The VIP card will pay for itself if you come on a regular basis.  For example, if you get a shampoo set at $50 every week, your VIP savings will be $12.50 off.  If you multiply $12.50 savings by 52 weeks in a year, you save $650!  Even if you came every 2 weeks you would save $325 (26 weeks x $12.50 savings).  That savings does not include extra savings that you may get like relaxers, cut, color, etc so if you add on any of those services that means you save more money!  If you do not come often, the VIP card may not be for you unless you get big ticket services like weaves or wigs.

So what are you waiting for? Make your plans to purchase your VIP card at your next appointment!

Note: These cards are for single uses only.  Family VIP cards are also available for up to 3 people at $350.