LaToya Jones


Hair Care Specialist 


To all new and potential clients, welcome and thank you for considering me to be your hairstylist!  If you were previously a client of mine and have not been in a while, welcome back!  I am always taking new clients.  To book an appointment you can do so directly from this website.  If you see an available appointment time, you are more than welcome to it.

Please note that I do not overbook therefore you will not be in the salon all day.  It is highly unusual that you will be there more than two hours depending on the service requested.  Of course sew ins, chemical services, and wet sets on thick or long hair may take a bit longer than usual but you can count on actually being seen at your appointment time or very close to it.  Since I do not overbook it is very important that you actually show up for any appointment that you make or take the proper steps to cancel it. The main reason that hairstylists overbook themselves is because they have so many no shows or last minute cancelations, so in an effort to offset the cost of that money lost they schedule many people at the same time. 

Deposits:  There is a $25 deposit due for all new clients before your appointment is secured.  This is due to the fact that in my experience, 99% of everyone that does not call and does not show up for there appointment is a client that has never been to me before.  All of my current and existing clients know how I run my business so if they ever need to cancel, they call to do so in a timely manner.  Most people that need to cancel that have never been to me before do not bother to let me know that they are no longer coming.  Therefore, an appointment that could have gone to someone else is available with no one to fill it.  The $25 deposit is put in place to offset some of the cost of not being able to fill the missed appointment on such short notice.  It is a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit meaning that if you cancel your appointment, you will lose your deposit. If you need to reschedule, your appointment can be switched to another day and time ONCE. After the deposit is paid it will be deducted from your total at your appointment. If your card is declined when trying to process your deposit your appointment will be canceled and made available to someone else. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Please remember, once you have correctly filled out the form in its entirety, you will receive a confirmation email that day as well as the day before your actual appointment, and you will also receive a reminder text message.  Taking a screenshot picture of your computer screen of the appointment page IS NOT a confirmation.  There will be no need to send me your confirmation, I receive a copy of it at the same time you do. You will know your appointment is confirmed when you receive a receipt for your $25 deposit as well as your confirmation email. There is no need to call and verify that I received your appointment. I get a text message after each appointment is booked. If you do not receive a confirmation via email please be sure to check your spam folder and be sure you put in the correct email address. You will also get a confirmation text message confirmation if you make your appointment more than 24 hours in advance.

Tardiness: If you are going to be late for your appointment please contact me immediately.  If you are more than 15 minutes late you may be required to reschedule AND will be charged a no show fee of half of the cost of the service you booked.  Being late means that you will more than likely cut into someone else's appointment so if I am still able to take you I will be working you in around the next client's appointment.  I will try to accommodate everyone and whether or not you will be required to reschedule will depend on the service requested and if time permits. If I can still take you there will be an additional $20 charged to your appointment as a late fee.

No call/no shows: If you have an appointment scheduled and you do not show up and do not call to cancel, you will be required to pay the no call/no show fee which is half of the amount of the service requested.  The reason why I do this is because since I do not overbook if someone is a no call/no show I do not have someone else there that can take the appointment nor can I fill the appointment on such a short notice.  I have been blessed to rarely experience no call/no shows but they do happen. If you fail to pay the no call/no show fee I will not take any future appointments from you.  Also, you only have one time to be a no call/no show.  If it happens more than once the full amount of the service will be due and I will not take any more appointments from you period.  Also, calling 5-10 minutes before your appointment to cancel is also considered a no call/no show.  Cancelations require a 24 hour or greater notice.

Booking online: I have online booking as a convenience to all of my clients and encourage everyone to feel free to book your appointments as you see fit.  However, when you book your appointment make sure you book a time that you know you will be able to make.  For example, don't book a 3pm appointment when you know you don't get off work until 3 and you won't be there until 3:30.  Another example, do not book a 2pm appointment then fill out the cancelation/wait list form requesting a different time.  The times listed are the times that are available.  If the time you want is not on there, it means that time has already been booked and is no longer available.  If you don't see a time that is convenient for you please fill out the cancellation/wait list form to request the time desired.  If I can accommodate you at the time requested I will notify you.  If you fill out the cancelation form and do not hear anything that means the time you are wanting is not available. YOU WILL ONLY BE NOTIFIED IF THE TIME BECOMES AVAILABLE.  Please do not call asking about your wait list form status.  Also don't book appointments that you "think" you will be able to make then cancel them.  Doing this will get you blocked from making future online appointments without having to pay a deposit first (non-refundable/non-transferable) that will be applied to your balance.  This means that if you need a different time or day than the one you paid a deposit for you will lose your deposit and will be required to pay a new one for the new day/time requested.  If you ever try to book an appointment and are told to call instead that means that you have been blocked from online booking due to either being a no call/no show or for canceling more appointments than you have shown up for.  In the event that you have been blocked from booking online, please call me to make your appointments.  If this is the case you will be sent an invoice for a $25 deposit.  Your appointment will not be secured until your deposit is paid.   Do NOT try to book online through an alias name or by using different info.  Doing this will get you blocked from making ANY future appointments.  Lastly, be sure to book the service that you actually want.  Do not book "the works" then write in the notes you only want a cut. These services require two different amounts of time so I do not want to have an hour scheduled out for someone when their service is only 30 minutes. If you are not sure what to pick, call me or text me at (205) 283-9738 and I will let you know what to choose.  Also, please DO NOT come by the salon without an appointment.  I will not "just look at your hair" or make an appointment for you if you show up unannounced.  Consultations can be booked online as well as any other appointment.  It is not fair to the client being serviced for me to stop in the middle of their appointment to see what you want. 

Weave services/ sew-ins & wigs-All weave services will require a consultation first (not wigs) if I have never seen your hair before and a deposit to book the appointment.  Sew-ins will cost $225 and will require a $50 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit to secure the appt. Once you have paid the deposit you will then be secured for your appointment and the $50 will come off of your balance at the time of your appointment.  The deposit is only good for the day, time, and service that you request. If you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment you will lose your $50 deposit. If you arrive at your appointment and decide you no longer want a sew-in, but now you only want a shampoo or relaxer, you will still lose your deposit due to the fact that I blocked out hours of time for you and now some of those hours that could have gone to another appointment are not being used. Before arrival, if you have a previous sew in that needs to be taken down that was not done by me, please have it already done as I do not remove sew-ins that I did not do.  If I did your previous sew in and you want me to take it down, it will cost an additional $30. Please note that taken down means the extensions have been removed, ALL of your braids have been taken down, and your hair has been detangled. If you simply take the extensions out and undo the braids without detangling your hair you will still be charged the take down fee.  I recommend taking your sew in down after three months.  If it has been longer than three months and you request me to take your sew in down, the charge will be an additional $45 to take down instead of $30. Please note that I do not maintain sew-ins done by other hairstylists at all.  This means that I do not tighten, shampoo and style, fix loose tracks, etc if I did not do the sew-in myself.

Upon arrival- If you are coming out of braids of any kind whether it be from wearing a wig, sew-in, twists, or just regular braids, please have all of your hair taken down, detangled, and ready to be serviced BEFORE you arrive for your appointment. I will not sit and wait on you to finish taking your hair down, nor will I take it down for you.  The same is required if you are bringing in your child who may have had her hair in ponytails.  The hair needs to be completely taken down, combed out, and ready to be serviced.  If you have taken your hair down but have not combed through and detangled it, an additional charge starting at $30 will be applied to your bill.  To put it simply, anything that requires additional work will result in an additional charge no matter how minor it may seem.  

Also, I have a salon suite which means my salon is inside a large building with lots of other salons in it. If you come in and sit down outside the salon, please make me aware of who you are and that you are there to see me.  I will not have any way of knowing who you are if you do not tell me!

Relaxers- I recommend getting relaxers every 16 weeks (see why here).  This is how I will ensure that all relaxed haired clients will have healthy, growing hair.  I encourage all of my clients who have relaxers to stretch their relaxers out, however I am not your mother and can not make you do anything!  As one of my teachers used to say, "I can take you to the water, but I can't make you drink."  We are all adults (or close to it) and can make our own decisions.  If you insist on having your relaxer earlier than  the recommended time you will be required to sign a release form, if I choose to perform the service.  Otherwise, you will need to find another hairstylist to do your relaxer.  If your last relaxer was at 6 weeks or less, I will not do another relaxer service on you whether you sign the release form or not.  My goal is for my clients to have healthy hair and getting relaxers every 6 weeks or less is not healthy for the hair.

Kids in the salon- For those that have small kids or toddlers, I would suggest you make arrangements for them while you come to your hair appointment. Coming to the salon is your time to relax and unwind which is hard to do with a little one with you.  No children (under 10) are allowed in the salon if they are not being serviced. Exceptions are made for babies that can not walk, crawl, or roll.

Products I use- I make my own shampoos and conditioners, my brand is called by L. Jones, which is what I use on my clients as well as myself.  In the case of relaxers I use Design Essentials, Nairobi, Affirm and Mizani Butter Blend.  When using relaxers I typically use the entire line of products including that brand's neutralizing shampoo and conditioner in place of by L. Jones.

You made it through all of the L. Jones Salon rules and regulations!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read over all of my guidelines!  If there is anything I missed or you have any questions please contact me. You are now ready to book your appointment!  Please note: If you are booking for your child, please book the child's name instead of yours. You can use your phone number and other information. This helps me keep better records. Hope to see you soon..