LaToya Jones


Hair Care Specialist 


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Relaxer (touch-up)


Virgin Relaxer

$125 (short hair)

$140 (medium hair)

$155 (long hair)



Silk Press (Natural Hair)

$70 (short hair- barely touching shoulders or shorter)

$80 (medium hair- past shoulders to wear bra strap connects)

$90 (long hair- past bra strap or longer)

Design & Maintenance Cuts


Trim (1 inch or less)


Hair Treatments (dandruff/moisture)


Reconstructive Treatments


Semi-Permanent Color



$60 additional- (cap)

$70 additional- (foil)

Full Head Color

$100 additional (short & medium hair)

$125 additional (long hair)

Hair Extensions-cold fusion/micro-bead

$1200 & up (full head)

consultation required

Keratin Treatment

$250- short hair

$300- medium hair

$350- long hair

consultation required

Weave (sew-in)

$225 (full head)- $25 deposit is due before appointment is booked

consultation required

Custom Made Wigs

$300 & up (half wigs/u-part)-hair is supplied and is additional charge, total price depends on hair length 

$500 & up (full wigs w/lace closure)- hair is supplied and is additional charge, total price depends on hair length.

(***prices listed are for the labor of making the custom wig only, price of the hair will cause the total price to increase and is based on total amount of hair used. Price includes cutting and styling also**)

consultation required

Eyebrow Wax


Lip Wax 


Straw Set/Rods

$25 additional